Sigelei legend 2 black telescope

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Product Description


1. This mod is made of high quality stainless steel. 


2. It can fit 18350 18650 18500 battery with different tubes.


3. Smart mod with Gravity Sensing System.


4. Larger screen size,

 more comfortable to read the on-screen data.

5. Popular design with venting holes for air flow.


7. Adjustable voltage (3-6volt) and wattage (7-15watt), also the smoking time

(5-20 seconds).




9. New function of charging the mobile phone



Sigelei legend advantage:


1. Shake to turn on the display. Gravity sensing system, you can feel its vibration when you shake it.

2. Great dissipating heat, when it works, the heat of body is lower 30% than that of other e cigarettes on the market

3. It's easy to adjust the voltage and power by shaking its body to right or left to increase or decrease the voltage and power.

4. Set the smoking time freely. for Example, If you want to smoke 10 seconds, you can set it, and it will show in the middle, after10s, it stops working.

5. There are many contents showing on the screen.

6. Big screen.

7. It can be used as a mobile power for your cell phone, tablet, laptop etc....

Sigelei Legend keeps vaping!!!

Sigelei Legend is the most amazing digital mod!!!

Sigelei Legend is absolutely the factory price!!!

Adjust vol/watt of Sigelei Legend by awing the body to right or left!

The most unique function makes you scream!

If you want more information, please send me inquiry or add my skype: sigelei3-8

Sigelei Legend Menu:


1. Time

2. Voltage

3. Wattage

4. Mobile

5. Show: top left showing: atomizer resistance;top right showing voltage/wattage; middle showing smoking time

below left showing remaining power of battery;below right showing the number of smoking.


How to Use:


1. Press the button 5 times to turn on the system also 5 times to turn off.



2. Press the button and simultaneously shake the body till it vibrates to enter into the menu.

3. Press button again to choose the menu of voltage/wattage/show (screen display)/mobile charge/smoking time.



4. When enter into the menu of voltage/wattage, rotate the body towards right to increase the voltage/wattage and left to decrease, and then shake again till it vibrates to take into effect.



5. When enter into the menu of show/mobile, rotate towards right to turn on and left to turn off the screen display/mobile charge, then shake till it vibrates to take into effect.



6. When enter into the menu of smoking time, rotate towards right to increase and left to decrease, and then shake till it vibrates to take into effect.

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